Keeping Rats Warm

Rats tolerate cold much better than heat, but even so will appreciate a hand staying warm in winter, especially if they live outside.

Keeping warm is especially important for elderly rats that have trouble regulating their temperature, and cannot afford the energy needed to stay warm in a cold environment.

Sick rats should also be kept warm, as being cold will exacerbate any health problems, particularly respiratory issues. Here are some tips to help keep your ratties warm.

Hammocks and blanket

Photo of adult male rat looking out from hammock
Hammocks and blankets are very useful

We provide plenty of polar fleece hammocks and blankets to snuggle up in.

Make sure that you wash them every couple of days, as ratties that sleep in urine scented hammocks get sniffles!

Cover open air cages

Cover open air cages with towels. This helps to protect the rats from the cold and can help keep warm air in. Don’t cover the entire cage to allow some airflow.


Photo of two rats inside a tube
Companions snuggle up for warmth

Having one or more companions to snuggle up to makes a big difference.

You will no doubt find them snuggled up nice and warm in a soft fleecy hammock in a mess of tails and toes.


Use a small heater to take the edge off the chill. Make sure that your heater is turned to a suitable setting so that you don’t cook your rats!

Cooked breakfast & dinner

Picture of rat eating warm breakfast mix from a bowl
A warm breakfast or dinner is appreciated in the cold weather

We provide both a hot breakfast as well as a hot dinner during winter for our ratties.

This helps them warm up after a cold night and gives them extra energy to help keep themselves warm. Some favourites are cooked pasta with baby food and porridge sweetened with honey or jam.