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Welcome to Sunshine Rattery

Keep up to date..

We now have a mailing list for folks who want to be kept up to date with all the new features that we're adding to the site.

If you want us to add you to the mailing list, just sign up at the Subscribe Page, and you'll never miss out again!

What's New?

The Litter Predictor is HERE!

We are pleased to announce that The Litter Predictor is now available for beta-testing.

The Litter Predictor will predict the likely outcome of your litter, by calculating genetic probabilities based on the information that you provide about the parents.

If you would like to try out The Litter Predictor Click Here
We welcome any feedback that you may have.

So... What else is New?

  • We have some exciting news at Sunshine Rattery...Coco and Sully's litter has arrived!

    The ratlets are now six weeks old, amazing how time flies! Coco was a fantastic mother, we are very proud of her! Go to the Litters page for more information on this litter, and of course more adorable photos.

    We decided to keep SUN Lottie, SUN Millie, SUN Emily and SUN Henry. You can see recent photos of them on the Our Does and Our Bucks pages.
  • Welcome to RAS Otter and RTS Lucy!

    Our patchwork rex, Ruby, has been on breeding loan to Little Rascals Rattery for the last few months and Otter is her beautiful mink silk double rex daughter.

    Lucy is Great Niece to out beloved blazed boys, Hector and Hyde, and has a beautiful half white face just like Uncle Hyde. She is a tiny and lightning fast little girl, who is keeping our older ladies well and truly on their toes!

    Read more about Otter and Lucy on the Our Does page.
  • New Article! Caring for Elderly rats

    The time comes when our beloved rattie friends reach old age and need a little extra help to make life comfortable for them. This article explains the difficulties that elderly rats face, and offers advise as to how these difficulties can be overcome. Visit the Elderly rats page to read this article.
  • New Article! Euthanasing Pet Rats Humanely

    When the time comes to say goodbye, help your friend over the bridge by requesting that your vet employs a humane method of euthanasia. Read this article on the Euthanasia page.
  • Updated photos of our young bucks

    Our young group of bucks have grown so much recently we thought it was time to update the page with photos of our handsome bucks. Check them out on the Our Bucks page.
  • Updated Planned Litters

    Our Planned Litters page has been updated with additions to our planned breeders up to late 2010. To read more about our planned litters and our breeding goals for the rest of the year, please visit the Planned Litters page.

Other Recent Changes..

  • Litter Training

    Our most recent update includes an article on litter training your rat. YES, your rat can indeed be litter trained with a little persuasion! Visit the Litter Training page to learn how to litter train your ratties.
  • All About Us

    An About Us page has been added to the menu bar which contains information about Sunshine Rattery, including our breeding goals.
  • Markings Updated

    Information and images of the different types of face markings has been added to the Markings page. Thanks to Summer and Tai for posing so sweetly.
  • Toys Updated

    Our Toys page has also been updated with some new photos and ideas to keep your ratties amused and out of trouble, including some favourites of our rats.
  • Behaviours - Swaying

    A section explaining why certain rats sway from side to side has been added to the Behaviours page. Puzzle no more over why your pink eyed rat sways!
  • More About Genes

    The Genetics page has been updated with a more in depth explanation of Mendelian genetics and the Genes page now has photos to compliment each section. We hope this will provide a better resource for those of us who prefer to learn visually.
  • Helpful links have been added to the side panel

    Now you can quickly and easily print, bookmark, email or share any page within this site with your friends with just a click.
  • New cages page

    The rat cages page has been updated with a comprehensive table to help you choose the best abode for your furry friends. We've also included information and extra pics of our rattie housing.
  • Updated the styling

    The whole site has been tweaked to smooth over some of the rough edges.